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The past 8months+ of my life have been filled with flights. I have, it seems, been hopping on a plane approximately every couple of weeks. Please note: This is much less glamorous than it sounds. Anyway, I seem to have a defunct make-up bag now. Instead, feast your eyes on where my make-up lives… Thank […]



This week i’m back to family and the best friends the world has to offer before heading back to London to start a new job. After years and years and some more years, I’m no longer blonde….pictures to follow 🙂

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‘Glunge’… apparently ‘Glamour’ and ‘Grunge’ married together. A quick look through Google tells me this word has been about for a little while…finger off pulse, ah well. Basically, it’s grunge with heels etc..we’ve all been doing it, now I know what it’s called 🙂

I’ve been nursing a slight obsession with collecting old vintage photos and cards for a while now. I’m particulary keen on buying ‘lots’ of them on ebay, waiting for them to arrive and spending ages scouring through them looking for perfect snapshots of other peoples goodtimes. They’re inspirational for my own goodtimes and there’s a […]

I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer but having a lot of random spare time recently has given me a bit of time to “make”. Flashbacks of A Level Art and everything. Here’s my favourite “make”, a little teacup necklace… There’s a really easy guide to making these on the Guardian website. Incidentally, I […]