Make and do with Kerri


I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer but having a lot of random spare time recently has given me a bit of time to “make”. Flashbacks of A Level Art and everything.

Here’s my favourite “make”, a little teacup necklace…

There’s a really easy guide to making these on the Guardian website. Incidentally, I saw them in a shop window in Brick Lane prior to this article. Can’t remember how much they were being sold for but way more than it would cost you to make.

I got my dolls teaset, findings and chains off eBay and made 4 necklaces. I kept one for myself, gave a friend one when she had a little tea party and to 2 other friends just because. They said they liked them, I believed them.

Anyway crafting is cool, everyone’s broke, it makes sense. Check out this blog for some crafting inspiration. She writes for the Guardian too and posts some great links, ideas, etc. Her name also rhymes with mine so i’ve stolen her blog title for the purpose of this post 🙂


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