Bit of romance…


I’ve been nursing a slight obsession with collecting old vintage photos and cards for a while now. I’m particulary keen on buying ‘lots’ of them on ebay, waiting for them to arrive and spending ages scouring through them looking for perfect snapshots of other peoples goodtimes. They’re inspirational for my own goodtimes and there’s a certain romance in nostalgia. I’ve been making cards with them, must send some soon.

Also bought an excellent book on my travels called ‘Other People’s Love Letters’. Warts and all, it’s very honest, realistic and pretty cringey at times. Favourites include a full page of ‘Liar’ written over and over (183 times apparently) plus some more romantic, honeymoon period or, on a good day, scribblings. You should get it 🙂


Anyone could choose a quote from this book (or any book) that romanticises their situation (positive or negative), they could post a great picture, a happy story, etc….but remember, everyone only posts the best bits, nobody’s perfect.

Inspired by all this romance, florals were on the menu today…80’s florals…and some fun at the ‘V&A’





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