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Jeez, September has been so busy! I need to slow down, leave work at work and just relax. I took these photos in Central London last Thursday night (how co-ordinated is the girl in pink?!), it sums up how I’m feeling and reminds me of the bit in the Wizard of Oz when the witch […]

Floral fingers


Last night as I was watching tv, fidgeting with my ditsy floral dress, wrapping it around my hands (fidget, fidget, fidget)…I looked down and realised that ditsy floral gloves can be added to my (ever growing) Autumn wishlist. I was hoping someone on etsy had already made some but no. Point me in the right […]

It seems like for the past few weeks Sunday has been ‘date day’. A lovely breakfast, a hefty lunch and a cheeky beer (or 2). Long walks and photographs fill the gaps. Sunday is the new Saturday night…for us at least.



Today was filled with loveliness. Poached egg and mushrooms on toast for Breakfast. I did an amateur haircut for my boyfriend…looks good. Then we went to take some photos. Stopping for sausage and mash and finally, scrabble and beer. I wore a little Dahlia playsuit and trusty Topshop brogues today. The thing about playsuits is […]

As all my fellow Londoners know, we have been having a warm day, a cold day, warm in the morning/cold in the afternoon day or vice versa for weeeeeeks. It’s been a challenge to dress in the morning because body temperatures are either soaring or plummeting by the afternoon. Sort it out London it’s reeking […]

Well on Thursday night, I was wandering about London with my photography class, taking photos of architecture when who should cycle by but…wait for it….Vivienne Westwood. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding and I sneakily took the worst picture of her ever. Still. a defining moment. And I was wearing my Anglomania/Melissa pumps […]