I wish I had…


While most people love the Summer, I always find the bit I look forward to the most is right at the end, when it’s getting a bit cooler and I start dreaming of wearing tights, boots, scarves, heavy coats. Autumn and Winter are the seasons for me. Most of what I need will be dug out of storage but i’ll be needing these few things to complete the look…

Red hair finally, after years of threatening to ditch the blonde, i’ve done it!
Over knee boots One navy pair, one black…yay!

House of Holland tights, as well as lots of opaques in different colourshenry

A new “Perfect” black coat – can’t seem to find one I like

A cute little Cloche hatcloche

A warm scarf, snood or cowl to cuddle into

Mulberry Daria Satchel (never.going.to.happen)daria


…surely i’ll be adding to this list

* update no. 1

Vivienne Westwood: Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl IIIviv


One Response to “I wish I had…”

  1. I never saw the blonde but hot damn the red is hot!

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