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This is what i’d look like possessed, that is so my hair! I’ve had a week away, bought some Christmas presents and am feeling quite self righteous about my organisation (despite abandoning my blog). Happy Halloween, more posts to follow… Advertisements

Seriously, this is the most unhealthy looking thing I’ve ever seen… There are loads more examples on

Soooo, i’ve been super busy of late and I’m just catching up with all the fashion week(s) looking for inpiration for my smaller budget. Then I see this….Lindsay Lohan/Ungaro…are they mental?! Artistic advisor…what an insult to the designer. I am aware that this is probably old news but still you’re getting my reaction, albeit late, […]

Spider Sense


With Halloween just round the corner, I’m figuring now might be the right time to shop about for Giles-esque spider pieces. Who’s for some spider tights? And back to luxe, I love this tee and dress…

I have just realised how weird it is that I didn’t even try to open them…i’m going back 🙂


This is genius, check out Regretsy. Basically, someone has pooled together all the weird plus utter crap that is sold on etsy…so funny! Here are some absolute gems… …and finally, it’s not so much the product but really, why would you turn a manky old wash basket upside down to photograph them on?!