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While most people love the Summer, I always find the bit I look forward to the most is right at the end, when it’s getting a bit cooler and I start dreaming of wearing tights, boots, scarves, heavy coats. Autumn and Winter are the seasons for me. Most of what I need will be dug […]



‘Glunge’… apparently ‘Glamour’ and ‘Grunge’ married together. A quick look through Google tells me this word has been about for a little while…finger off pulse, ah well. Basically, it’s grunge with heels etc..we’ve all been doing it, now I know what it’s called 🙂



Went to the coolest little thrift store today, it just looks cool and is all jumbly inside. I had to get something and ended up with some little candlesticks and a gold heart shaped digital watch pendant – perfect 1980’s tackiness. It’s temporarily gone missing so i’ll post a picture when i find it again […]



4 days in P.A. = Lovely Lots of family plus some serious thrifty and thrift shopping, the latter involving losing (literally) $200 in a Salvation Army Shop…I am, as per Mammy’s advice, letting all my bad luck go with it and hoping that someone who needed it picked it up. My silver lining takes the […]